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Google Search Suggestions

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

I was able to get a Google-like search suggestions box happening in almost no time with help from I’ve found this one to be REALLY handy.

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Excel Sheets being ‘Half’ Active

November 1, 2009 Leave a comment

I encountered a very interesting bug this week. The initial symptom was:

When any values in a SQL Server 2005 stored procedure result that I’m using in an Add-In are of type DATETIME or SMALLDATETIME then the corresponding cells (i.e. same sheet address) in the previously active worksheet (?!) are formatted to DATETIME, even when the data in those cells is formatted in Excel as Number or Currency.

CopyFromRecordset was being used to populate the currently active worksheet.

The answer ended up coming from harfang on

Even though the following SHOULD give you a reference to a newly added, active worksheet:

‘Put results to new sheet

Dim NewSheet As Worksheet


Set NewSheet = ActiveSheet

it only ‘half’ recognizes the new sheet as active. The implication being that NewSheet.CopyRecordset DOES copy values into the new sheet, but the formatting subroutines somehow link to the previously active sheet. More annoyingly, this only occurs for DATETIME field types, because any currency or numeric formatting wasn’t applied to the previously active sheet. This can be solved by adding one line:


which ‘fully’ registers NewSheet as active.

How frustrating! I’d be interested to see any Microsoft articles documenting this.

For more code samples and details on the solution check:


P.S. I’d love to get comments on good / free screencasting / screen recording software. This bug was on the more tricky side to explain and a short video showing symptoms would be really helpful.

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Very cool graphing techniques

September 7, 2009 1 comment

Thanks to Hans Rosling and his TED Talk for a cool example of scatter graphs.

Sure, the talk was interesting (I never thought of the ‘developing world’ paradigm as outdated) but, more impotantly to this blog, the coolest points for me of the Trendalyzer beta are:

  • Select a few dots out of dozens on the graph that will have a kind of ‘trail’ when animated over time.
  • Control the ratio of dot size in the bottom right (i.e. what are the min and max bounds for each dot?)


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Loving Xobni for Outlook!

August 25, 2009 2 comments

Thanks to Patrick for the link to This little tool has a slick interface that fits neatly into the Outlook screen (granted I’m using a 24″ widescreen).

I’m still exploring features but the main benefit so far has been its pop-ups when populating the To and CC fields on new Outlook message. It looks like it filters through ALL email address that I’ve sent to / received from, instead of Outlook’s limited set of suggestions. Not having to do the extra 3 or 4 clicks to find addresses that are in my Contacts list instead of my Global Address List is a big time saver!


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DYD on Twitter

DevelopYourDay now has a twitter page at

Hopefully the automatic updates from this blog to twitter are working too.


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DYD RSS Feed available

Thanks to Joe for asking about RSS feeds for DYD. Setting it up was pretty straight forward thanks to Lorelle On WordPress (

Links to the DYD feed and DYD comments feed are now available on the side bar under the RSS category.


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Proud New Owner 2

Just bought a MacBook (upgraded to 4Gb RAM). It should arrive in the next few days. One of the turning points in deciding to buy my own was that awkward moment when I spilled Milo on my flatmate’s MacBook in a moment of iPhone development excitement.

So far I’ve found the iPhone Dev SDK website very helpful. Hopefully after I try some suggestions from users on that site I’ll have finished my first app and move on to some more interesting projects.

Find me on iPhone Dev SDK:

Here’s the exact MacBook model:


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